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Amy Louise Hill for Readers' Favorite

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"If I Could... Be a Pet!" was a wonderful book to read. Children are going to enjoy every page, whilst also soaking up every ounce of positivity the author has poured into it. Shona Darin has created the ideal book for young children, and it will serve as a huge pick-me-up. Shona has also used rhyme to tell her story, and it makes the reading experience that much more enjoyable. I am confident children will both be educated and entertained whilst reading and their attention will be hooked on the adorable illustrations by the talented Anne Zimanski. The hamster was my favorite. I highly recommend this book to anyone with children."

Explore two exciting books from the
Library on Linwood collection!

Stories of imagination & self acceptance with a sprinkle of animal fun!

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We are a family owned children’s book imprint that creates short rhyming stories for young readers to enjoy globally.


Inspired by our children and fueled by a passion for creative writing, we are excited share our books with your family.

Our books are designed to introduce simple concepts in an engaging and age-appropriate manner, featuring colorful illustrations and rhyming text. The use of animals makes the books enjoyable for young children, as they often have an affinity for animals and can learn valuable lessons about self-acceptance through relatable animal characters.


Designed for Young Readers

Our books are expertly crafted with high quality materials, encouraging and promoting independence, curiosity and literacy skills


for transportation

matte lamination

for durability

thick pages

for dexterity of young readers

rounded corners

for safety

colorful illustrations

for engagement

rhyming words

for phonemic & fluency development 

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For any questions, comments or opportunities please fill out the contact form below; we would love to hear from you!

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